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By Charles Beaumont

The definitive number of stories through the award-winning horror author comprises such classics as "The Hunger," "Miss Genibelle," and "Free Dirt," and lines introductions by means of Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Roger Corman, and others. Reprint.

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Yet--malarial parasites have been came upon within the bloodstreams of these first sufferers, unmistakable parasites that extended at a speedy expense and labored their destruction of the pink corpuscles. And the chemists instantly needed to move in regards to the company of combining medicinal drugs from now historical prescriptions, frantically operating opposed to time. A disquieting, even a daunting factor; yet with out terror for the developers of the recent urban; no longer enough to cause them to abandon their paintings or to spark mass evacuations. Panic was once through now so forgotten through such a lot that it had turn into a brand new emotion, to be realized yet again. It had now not taken very lengthy to relearn, Austin recalled. Terror had come quickly adequate. The stricken--some thirty husky workmen, engineers, planners--had rallied less than the medicine and out of severe situation whilst, one evening, they'd all suffered relapses, fallen into fevered comas and proceeded to trade among unconsciousness and delirium. The scientists have been baffled. They attempted frenziedly to arrest the parasites, yet with out luck. Their drugs have been lifeless, their medicinal drugs and radium remedies and inoculations--all, dead. eventually, they can in simple terms glance on because the disorder took new turns, constructed unusual features, replaced altogether from what they'd taken to be malaria to whatever totally overseas. it all started to imagine a terrible commonplace development: from lengthy delirium to catatonia, wherein the victim's breathing process and heartbeat decreased to a merely slightly distinguishable from dying. after which, the main hideous half: the fast decomposition of the physique cells, the destruction of the tissues . . - Richard Austin conscientiously managed a shudder as he considered these weeks that have been the start. He fingered out a cigarette from his pocekt, began to strike it, then broke the cylinder and flooring its shiny pink flakes into his hands. No different actual trace have been given then: in simple terms the affliction. somebody had nicknamed it "Jungle Rot"--cruel, yet apt. The sufferers have been rotting alive, the flesh falling from them like rain-soaked rags; they usually didn't die fully, ever, till they'd been remodeled into nearly unrecognizable mounds of putrescence . . . He positioned out a hand and laid it lightly opposed to his wife's cheek. The perspiration was once kick back and greasy to his contact, just like the stagnant water of slew banks. Instinctively his palms recoiled and balled again into fists. He compelled them open back and stared on the tiny dottles of flesh that clung to them. "Mag! " It had begun already! Wildly, he touched her arm, using very moderate strain. The outer dermis crumbled away, leaving a small rainy grey patch. Austin's middle raced; an involuntary circulation brought on his hands to pinch his personal wrists, demanding. A wrinkled spot seemed and disappeared, a small, fading pink line. She's death, he proposal. Very definitely, very slowly, she's began to die--Mag. quickly her physique will flip grey after which it is going to come unfastened; the load of the sheet might be sufficient to rip immense strips of it away.

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